Lift, Tuck, Burn!

by nicole

One of the best parts of my mornings for the last 6 months has been working out with the women at Pure Barre Seattle. It’s easy to say that I was already hooked before I even went to my first class. I did a lot of research on the nets and YouTubed everything Google presented to me. Conclusion: I want a Pure Barre body!

So I jumped on the Pure Barre train back in February after attending the grand opening party for the new Bellevue studio. Somehow I even worked up enough courage to introduce myself to the owner, Sami Sweeney and said something like “if you ever open another studio, I want to be a teacher!” What a goof! I purchased 5 classes at the event and decided to stretch them out over the month, after all I only had 5 and I wanted to make them last FOREVER. My beautiful and fit friend Heidi C. and I went to our first class on February 22nd fully expecting to get our butts (seats) kicked and oh we definitely did! The next day I couldn’t move! I had tucked, lifted my seat and burned my muscles to fatigue during that 55-minute intense routine. I was so hooked!

 It quickly became my favorite part of my morning. I lived for Pure Barre and was becoming obsessed.  I’d find myself tucking in the grocery store, pulling my belly in towards my back in the car (sitting abs), balancing on my tiptoes in kitchen and going “down an inch, up an inch.” I’d find a way to bring it up in every conversation and sharing my new love with all of my girlfriends. Eventually I had stocked up on month unlimited packages and Heidi and I started going together almost everyday during the summer. Just in the last month alone we’ve gone 23 times! I’ll shout it from the mountaintops, I LOVE PURE BARRE! And you should too. Honestly. And I still want to be a teacher :)