Just you, me and Friday Harbor… sounds like a song

by nicole

We really did not want to come back to Seattle. We could live on that lovely little island for the rest of our lives… just us, our bikes, and some future babes :)

Almost exactly two years ago we went on the same 3-day bike tour of the San Juan Islands after only knowing each other for 3 weeks. It was Tony’s idea and of course I happily agreed to the adventure.  So for our 1-year anniversary we knew exactly how to spend it… visiting all of our favorite spots from the time we fell in love. We left the city late Friday night the 5th and stayed in the dumpy hotel we stayed at the first night we unsuccessfully found lodging on Orcas Island two years prior. Woke up super early the next morning and headed, with all of our gear in tow to the Anacortes ferry for Friday Harbor. Perfect way to start out our anniversary.

By the way, National Geographic named San Juan Islands #3 2011 World Travel Destination. Check! Enjoy the pictures because as we all know, that’s the best part of a blog.

Orca pod, 300 yards from our tent


Ice cream in Roche Harbor, northern tip of San Juan Island

Original hotel built in 1886, obviously it's been restored

our campsite, right on the cliff. one of the advantages of being a "hiker/biker."

Tony preparing the fire for our tin foil dinner of carrots, potatoes and onions

Sunset, day 1

kayaking with sea creatures and husband, day 2

kayaking with the orcas, day 2

After 2 hours of straight paddling, it was time for a lunch date! PB&J sammies, homemade larabars, lil' cuties, almonds and dried apricots.

Light House at Cattle Point, day 3

Squinting from the sun?

And then our camera broke... but does he not have the sexiest calves?!