A first for us.

by nicole

It’s hard to believe in two days marks one year since Tony and I got married. 365 blissful days (honestly!).  We’ve done so many things in just one year.

Traveled along the Oregon coast for our honeymoon. Came back for one day then hopped on a boat with Tony’s mom and dad, sister and brother-in-law for a 7 day cruise to Alaska to celebrate his parent’s 30th anniversary. Tony got a new job at a social media company. We moved into our first apartment together (just 300 steps around the corner from Tryna and Jamie). Did the Washington MS 150 bike ride 3 weeks after we got married – 94 miles in 1 day (mind you I went on maybe 3 training rides total post wedding). We spent Thanksgiving alone in Portland where we ate the best non-traditional Thanksgiving meal. Now a Sheehan family tradition. Turkey? No thanks. Spent Christmas in Boise with Tony’s family, which is always pleasant.

We rung in the new year with Brandon and Heidi and their unborn child. I got a job (finally!) nannying to two of the most loving and grateful children I’ve ever met. Went to Kansas in April to celebrate my grandfather’s 90th birthday. Celebrated Tony’s birthday May 6th and then for only 10 days we were 27 years old together. Then I turned the spry young age of 28 on May 16th. June was a blur minus Tryna’s birthday, Tony interviewing with NY companies :) and visiting the great Salt Lake for Tony’s cousin’s wedding. In July we vacationed to the exotic city of Los Angeles. I stayed at the beach and hung out with Rachel (soon to be a famous musician) while Tony schmoozed other techies at a convention.  And all the while loving each other more and more each day. Tomorrow we drive north to the most beautiful part of the Pacific Northwest to celebrate our anniversary riding our bikes around the islands, camping along the water and hopefully catching a glimpse of orca whales and visiting all of our favorite spots from our trip two years ago.

So friends, here you go, the Sheehan blog that you’ve been requesting for the last year and the many years since I stopped blogging (was that really 4 years ago??). Hope it’s not boring… like this post :)

Pictures from the past year

7 days married

Alaska sunset

The gang navigating the fjords


Cutest towel animal from the week

Happy 27th! May 6, 2011

Peanut butter and chocolate, his favorite

Salt Flats, June 2011

Dancing and filming ensued post pic of course

Me and baby Mason, July 2011

Move out day July 31st, first apartment

Our cozy bedroom