Introduction: our cutesy married couple blog

by Tony

When one of my college friends got married a couple of years ago, and started a cutesy husband-and-wife blog, I promised myself that I would never ever do that when I got married. I made that same promise to Nicole while we were dating, while we were engaged, and post wedding. If there is anything that people care about less than the minutiae of an individual’s life is the minutiae of a married couple’s life. “My husband killed a spider in the tub. He’s my night in shining armor!” and “My wife’s crumpets are the best crumpets of all time!” or “I was just thinking about how wonderful our wedding was. Here’s some pictures to help you remember” even “My husband leaves his dirty sock on the kitchen table. What a slob!”  That kind of stuff. Blech.

So … with no need for further introduction, here is our cutesy married couple blog. I promise you that we will never make it a forum for expressing our love for each other, nor a forum for listing grievances about each other. We will keep that to our Facebook walls. (Just kidding.)

But really, we don’t want this blog to be lame. We ask that you, as readers, be our moderator. If ever this blog becomes too adorable for your liking or includes phrases such as “best wife ever” or “husband sent from God to make me the most blessed woman in the whole world,” please admonish us in the comments section. Thanks for indulging us and helping us feel that even though we are a married couple our lives are still interesting.

A picture of the cutesy married couple. An example of the kind of picture you won't see on this blog. Promise. -- Image copyright by